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It's free, and you can use the same account you may already have it professional seo services company for other google services like or adsense. No need to organize an advertising campaign to use planner. To learn more about creating an account on adwords, take a look at this link httpsupport. Google. Comadwordsanswer jones use keyword planner planner by keywords when you open the keyword planner, you see a screen with a series of elections. Choose the option search for new keyword and ad group idea looking for new keywords using a phrase, site or category, then type the key words you want to check the box called your product or service product or service. search for new keywords and add group ideas enter one or more of the following your product or service cooking on the page there are many other options, but must change one. Click on the panel that says keyword option option keywords. Seo step by step option keywords show general ideas that relate hide keywords in my account hide the key words of my plan include exclude then put on active only ideas closely related to my search term show only ideas that have a direct link with my search terms.

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Jones professional seo services company on show only ideas that have a direct link with the terms my search off off show ideas containing inappropriate terms juvenile off off show keywords in my account off off show keywords in my plan this setting will prevent list of suggestions to become too big and vague to be useful. To generate your list of suggested keywords, get ideas press get ideas. On the results page you'll see two tabs. Ad groups and keyword ideas. For our purposes, ad groups is not very useful, so click keyword ideas. Seo step by step ideas ad groups ideas keywords search terms cooking you'll see the phrase containing keywords in at the top, a second table below, listing similar keywords. This table is ordered alphabetically by default, by keyword, making it difficult to see what keywords have the professional seo services company most traffic. Accessing heading avg. Monthly searches average number of monthly searches reorders table to show the keyword's volume search from highest to lowest.

Now you have a list of search phrases related word your key to the most professional seo service popular searches in the beginning. Tip when searching for keywords do not find enough results to be useful. Or if want a different search term. Modify press jones search modify search change the keywords your product or service under product or service. What do you say table keywords once you know how to read it, the second table can tell exactly what keywords will be most profitable to some niche. Keyword research, only columns we need to consider are avg. Monthly searches average number of monthly searches and suggested bid the proposed amount. Avg. Monthly searches average number of monthly searches this column is listed on the monthly average number of google searches for each keyword based on precedents twelve months of data.

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A dash instead of a number indicating insufficient data, meaning that they are both few searches each month that makes no sense to focus on that keyword. Suggested bid proposed amount this is useful if you use adsense or other advertising on your site, if you do affiliate marketing or selling your own product. The keywords with high amounts proposed it indicates a phrase where it is supposed that the user has intentionally commercial. These are phrases used by the most advanced in the buying process than the average user. In normally are a step or two by buying a seo step by step products, which is why advertisers will pay more to reach them. It's easier to sell something. For example, when the, phonephone suggested bid has proposed amount more visit here than the phrase cell phone crying phone tariff plans mobile. The second phrase is a lucrative keyword with commercial intent, because it is clear that the user is just a two. Step purchase a specific product.